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These 20 Things Were Actually Made By Mistake

  1. Coca Cola

Civil War supreme turned pharmacist, John Pemberton wanted to invent a potion that would cure narcotics addiction and stomach upset which were pretty major during the wartime. Voila! hee created now what is not only refreshing but its evergreen taste is appreciated for the generations that followed even today.

2. Penicillin


Before going on a vacation, Alexander Fleming left some new bacteria along with some staphylococcus in a petri dish. Upon returning he found a developed mold in the dish. After he examined he found they produced a by-product that stopped the growth of the staphylococcus. And that’s how the first antibiotic, Penicillin was invented.

3. Safety Glass

Edouard Benedictus accidentally dropped his flask. It fell but did not break. it just cracked. That is because the flask was filled with plastic cellulose nitrate, simply called liquid plastic. The liquid had evaporated but left a thin sheet on the flask. Today this patent formula is used in the manufacture of vehicle glasses.

4. Vulcanized Rubber

An accidental spill of sulfur, lead, and rubber on the stove left the mass get hardened. But Thomas Goodyear found it durable and that’s how this rubber came to be used in the manufacture of tyres and shoes.

5. Stainless Steel

English metallurgist, Harry Brearly was hired by the army to produce a rust-free gun barrel. Once the product was successful he made a point to use the same formula to make cutlery.

6. Teflon

While creating refrigerators for DuPont, Roy Plunkett invented a matter that did not stick and non-reactive to high flames. In no time this patent formula was named Teflon and has been used since then as a coating for frying pans.

7. Pacemaker

Wilson Greatbatch mistakenly made an incorrect resistor for a contraption. It perfectly imitated the rhythmic sound of heartbeats and today we use this as an implant to keep the human heart racing. We can’t thank him enough!

8. Slinky

This is every child’s favorite toy from the yesteryears. This springy little metal piece was actually invented to keep sensitive equipment from tripping. The spring would sit back upright and save the instrument. This accidental idea was curated by navy engineer Richard James during the Second World War.

9. X-Ray

This cathode ray experiment really produced a pathbreaking result and contributed in a big way for doctors. German scientist, Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen should be appreciated forever!

10. Viagra

Viagra was originally made to lower blood pressure levels. Its failed attempts, however, made the Pfizer scientists discover something else. It was found to be an instant solution against erectile dysfunction. Now that’s an observation!

11. Velcro

Swiss engineer George de Mestral was on a hunting tour with his dog in the1940s when he observed how burrs would stick to the fur. He was quick to replicate the idea with synthetic material. The “zipperless zipper” was finally popularized by NASA in the 1960s.

12. Super Glue

This was a Kodak Laboratories discovery which was rejected initially. Later its super sticky trait made it famous Super Glue.

13. Matchstick

John Walker was cleaning a big blob of chemicals in a pot with a wooden stick. He was amused by the way the chemical end when stroke against a hard surface sparked a fire.

14. Saccharin

Constantin Falhberg used to work with coal tar. Upon returning from work one night, he munched on some freshly baked biscuits by his wife. The biscuits tasted sweeter than usual. Then he realized that he had not washed his hands and the traces of coal tar made the biscuits taste like that. And that’s how the idea of fake sugar came into the market!

15. Microwave

A navy radar specialist, Percy Spencer was fiddling to conclude his observations on microwave emitters. When he saw a bar of chocolate melt, there was no looking back. Since then kitchens got a new makeover and the lazy people found their dream fix of cooking!

16. Popsicle

The mixture of Soda pop and water was left to freeze in the winter temperatures and that resulted in this refreshing concoction. It was invented by 11 years old Frank Epperson.

17. Laughing gas

British surgeon Humphry Davy invented that nitrous oxide when used in moderation for the distraction it causes less pain. Later it was used for anesthetizing patients during the operation.

18. Post Its

After a few failed tryouts, Spencer Silver invented an adhesive that is strong enough to hold stacks of paper together and weak enough to separate the papers from one another.

19. Plastic

In the 1900s, shellac was used for insulation, however it was expensive to import. Chemist Leo Hendrik Baekeland came up with a moldable material as a cheaper alternative. What he got was plastic which was then welcomed by industries all over. It was sensational!

20. Synthetic Dye

While researching a cure against malaria, 18-year-old chemist William Perkin revolutionized the apparel industry by coming up with the messy composition that gave out a beautiful purple color.

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