Sonu Sood Came Up With An Amazing Reply To A Twitter User Who Called Him The ‘Next Amitabh’

Bollywood actor Sonu Sood has become one of the most talked-about actors amidst lockdown. He has been receiving praises and blessings from around the country because of the kind work he has been doing to help migrant workers return to their homes.

Besides this, Sonu Sood has been winning hearts on social media as well with his impressing and humble responses to Twitter users.

In one such instance, a twitter user tweeted a heart-touching tweet for Sonu Sood, where he wrote that once everything comes back to normal, people will come to visit his house. He concluded his tweet, by calling Sonu Sood the ‘next Amitabh Bachchan’. The Twitter user wrote:

“जेकब सब ठीक हो जाएगा उसके बाद आपको हर sunday,shoot से छुट्टी लेनी पड़ेगी । लोग आपसे मिलने आएंगे जो लोग मुम्बई घूमने आएंगे वो पूछ्एँगे सोनू अऊड का घर कहाँ है। @SonuSood अगला अमिताभ ।”

Sonu Sood was quick to notice the tweet and come up with a brilliant reply, which is winning hearts on twitter. Sonu wrote:

“वो क्यों मेरे घर आएँगे दोस्त। मैं उन सब के घर जाऊँगा। बहुत सारे आलू के पराँठे, पान और चाय उधार है मेरे भाइयों पर। ❣️”

(which roughly translates: “Why should they come to my house? I will visit their houses. Aloo parantha, pan and tea is due on many of my friends.”)

Here, check out the tweet:

Ever since the news of Sonu Sood helping hundreds of migrants reach their homes came out, several migrants are now taking to Twitter to seek help from Sonu. His social media feed is filled with people either seeking his help or appreciating him for the amazing work he has been doing.

Amidst this, a twitter user joked with Sonu and tweeted to him asking him to let him meet his girlfriend and that he would have to go to Bihar for that. The twitter user wrote:

@SonuSood भैया, एक बार गर्लफ़्रेंड से ही मिलवा दीजिए.. बिहार ही जाना है #SonuSood”

To this, Sonu Sood came up with a hilarious response. He tweeted:

Thode din door rehke dekhle bhai, sacche pyaar ki pariksha bhi ho jayegi” 

(which roughly translates to: Try and stay away from each other for some days, it will also prove to be the test of true love).

Here, check out the tweet:



Written by Unnati Madan

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