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8 Baseless Rumours That Sent Bollywood Into A State Of Panic

B-Town has been home to some rumors since day one. The unknown rumor mills and ‘close sources’ to celebrities have made shocking revelations about them. Some of these rumors proved to be accurate, while the others proved to be completely false.

Here’s a look at the eight baseless rumors from the Bollywood world that you believed as a child were right.

Kangana Ranaut performed black magic on her ex-boyfriend 

Adhyayan Suman reacts to Kangana Ranaut's 'I should've hit him ...

Kangana Ranaut dated Adhyayan Suman for a while. As per Adhyayan, the actress performed black magic on him so that he stays loyal to her. Also, she mixed her menstrual blood in his food – a false rumor on any day.

Kareena Kapoor ‘knocked up’ during her school days 

9 years later, Kareena Kapoor reveals how her look from 'Jab We ...

Bollywood diva Kareena Kapoor had reportedly disclosed that she was ‘knocked up’ during her ninth grade. Ultimately, it proved to be a false rumor.

Ajay Devgn and Kajol live in separate homes 

Kajol gets candid about her marriage with Ajay Devgn and the ...

After the rumors of Ajay Devgn dating Kangana Ranaut surfaced, the publications tried to add fuel to the fire by falsely reporting that Ajay no longer stays with Kajol.

Siddharth Malhotra dated Karan Johar 

Sidharth Malhotra doesn't mind being called Karan Johar's blue ...

While Siddharth Malhotra is reportedly in a relationship with Tara Sutaria right now, earlier, there was speculation that he dated Karan Johar!

Sonakshi Sinha is Reena Roy’s daughter 

Sonakshi breaks her silence on her father's affair with Reena Roy ...

Because of a resemblance in their physical appearance, the rumor mills tried to spread a false rumor that Sonakshi Sinha was the daughter of Shatrughan Sinha and his former lover, Reena Roy.

Priyanka Chopra had a plastic surgery 

Priyanka Chopra almost lost her first film after a nose surgery ...

The rumor mills suggested that Priyanka Chopra underwent plastic surgeries to enhance her looks. However, the actress always rejected the rumors.

Katrina Kaif has a ‘fake’ identity 

Woman should have an identity beyond her looks: Katrina Kaif ...

For unknown reasons, the rumor mills spread rumors that Katrina Kaif was in a relationship with Salman Khan, and she also has a ‘fake’ identity.

Shahrukh Khan secretly married Priyanka Chopra 

What happened between Shahrukh Khan and Priyanka Chopra? - Quora

Perhaps, the most popular rumor from everyone’s childhood is that Shahrukh Khan secretly married Priyanka Chopra in Toronto. However, that certainly was not the truth.


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Written by Vinay Chhabria

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