A Fan Asked Sonu Sood To Help Him Reach Liquor Shop And The Actor Gave A Fitting Reply


Sonu Sood has become a favorite of the meme community because of his selflessness in the COVID-19 pandemic. Many meme creators have called him a real diamond after he launched a travel service for the migrant workers struck in Mumbai. His service helps the people in Mumbai reach their native place.

However, one of his followers tried to pull his leg on Twitter by asking him if his service would help him reach a bar. The Twitter user requested Sonu Sood:

“सोनू भाइ में अपने घर में फँसा हुआ हूं ।मुझे ठेके तक पहुंचा दो (Dear Sonu, I am struck at my own house. Please help me in reaching a bar).”

The tweet received hundreds of likes, which prompted the Twitter hero to give a public reply to the man who made this funny request. Sood wrote:


“भाई मैं ठेके से घर तक तो पहुँचा सकता हूँ । ज़रूरत पड़े तो बोल देना (Brother, I can’t help you to reach the bar, but I can help you in reaching home after you drink. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you need my help.)”

Thus, in this manner, Sonu Sood showcased his brilliant sense of humor on the micro-blogging platform. The reel life villain has received a lot of appreciation for his noble work. Many fans have hailed him as a real-life Messiah for his fantastic job. Even celebrities like Ajay Devgn and Shikhar Dhawan have lauded Sonu while his followers have demanded a Padma Shree award for the Bollywood hero.