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A Fan Said That He Wants To Build A Statue Of Sonu Sood And He Gave A Brilliant Reply

India has a new idol in actor Sonu Sood who has transcended all borders and boundaries to arrange facilities for migrant labourers to return home.

In these extremely crunchy situations of lockdown where the nation has been knocked down by an unprecented virus, Sonu Sood stepped up beyond his limitations and arranged for every single facility for the poor labourers to go home.

In fact he has clad himself in proper protective gear to avert any kind of virus transmission while he carries on with this noble work of his.

He has taken it on himself to ensure that these poor labourers do not have to stay stranded in these challenging times which isn’t just a physical health hazard but a psychological problem of equal proportions.

The actor has also been highly active on social media as many people are tweeting to his official handle and he is very carefully responding to each and every tweet.

While the storm of tweets has raged wild, one tweet quoted that there are preparations of building an idol for Sonu Sood in the Siwan district of Bihar, thereby paying homage to this incredible actor and an even better human being.

What happened thereafter, has left everyone stunned. Sonu’s reply was very simple. He instantly stated that instead of building a statue for him, people should spend the money for helping poor people. This reply won him several plaudits.

After his monunental task of setting up the arrangements for these labour to go back home with surfeit necessities, Sonu Sood has also donated 1500 ppe kits to doctors in Punjab.

He has separately arranged buses for different parts of Uttar Pradesh like Hardoi, Pratapgarh, Siddharthnagar and Lucknow from Wadala in Mumbai.

He has also cooked food for thousands of migrant labourers in Bhiwandi for Ramadan. He also opened his hotel for medical staff’s comfort. After his valiant initiative a total of 10 buses has left from Thane to Gulbarga.

People were so awed by this marvellous act of Sonu Sood that they have even asked the actor to be ennobled with Bharat Ratna.

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Written by Rohit Ganguly

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