20 Most interesting And Enthralling Borders In The World


John Lennon’s song ‘Imagine’ reminds us of how wonderful this world could have been, only if we humans wouldn’t have forced our supremacy by bifurcating lands to own them under the concepts of boundaries.

Though it is easier said than done, probably a lot of complications could have arisen without these dissections. Now just because borders exist, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it has to be a stringent fortification separating two nations or continents. It can also be mesmerising and can be very benign to humans, separated by the concrete edifice.

We will look at 20 borders which are unique, beautiful and most definitely friendly to people.

1. Residents of Naco, Arizona and Naco, Mexico play volleyball along the lines of Mexico-Arizona border


It is a very special feeling when you get to pit your countries against each other regularly over a good volleyball game. Naco, Arizona and Naco, Mexico are privileged to have this border with a net which allows the residents to play volleyball freely.

2. Slovakia, Austria and Hungary

A beautiful alignment of a three-pronged bench in three separate directions acts as a separation between these countries.

3. Norway and Sweden

These two nations have a boatload of adventures separating them literally. If you follow their border, you would be surrounded by mountains and would be covered by snow.

4. Netherlands and Belgium

These two nations are divided by artwork of the finest order laced with some clinical precision. A fine line of plus signs are drawn to separate these two nations.

5. Haiti and the Dominian Republic

These two nations are separated by their stark contrast of nature-conservation laws. On one side you would find lush green meadows while on the other it is barren landscape exposed to the extremes of nature.

6. Australia and the rest of the world

Azure seas featuring exotic coral spectacles separates Australia from the remaining of the world.

7. Poland and Ukraine

Two exquisite colossal fish designs are separated by the border of these two nations. If you can manage an aerial shot someday, you would know the beauty of this spectacle.

8. Spain and Portugal

Historic rivals over trade routes, these two countries have water bodies separating them and a zipline connecting them. Scream in the air, for you are flying high between two nations.

9. USA and Mexico

Another stark contrast in the views, USA and Mexico are divided by a very thin line. Despite heated arguments in the near future where Trump has repeatedly emphasized on the formation of a wall, it is still a pipe dream.

10. Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay

Macau and its flexible advancement in three separate directions has defined the borders for these three nations.

11. Bolivia and Brazil

Another classic aerial shot reflected the grassy demarcations between these two nations.

12. Denmark and Sweden

A lush blue water body separates these two nations, and this deep shade of blue is actually a photographer’s paradise.

13. Sweden and Norway

For these two nations, it is absolutely simple. A line drawn on a bridge divides them. No complications.

14. Borders of Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands converge near the City of Achen

In one of the most beautiful convergences, the borders of these three nations unite. An idyllic city to welcome unity!

15. Belarus and Lithuania

A fence exists between two iconic villages, one in the village of Norvilles while the other in Belarus. People actually converses through these fences.

16. USA and Canada

A long straight line passes between these two countries to keep the citizens aloof.

17. Germany and Czech Republic

Germany practices Silviculture Intervention to battle beetle invasion while the Czechs let it go. These happens on the borders.

18. Spain and Portugal

We have seen formerly how sea routes act as borders in one instance for these two countries. The roads in opposite directions also mark the stark demarcation.

19. Egypt and Israel

Geographic features like endless sand has defined the land of Pharoahs for ages while Israel is cramped with civilizations.

20. Germany, Poland and Czech Republic

Formerly like Macau, these three nations are also separated by a water body, excelling in three separate directions.