10 Lesser-Known Facts About Kangana Ranaut That Even Her Fans Don’t Know


Kangana Ranaut is one of the strongest names in Bollywood who built everything for herself from scratch. She never looked for help from anyone and her incredible journey has been an inspiration to many in the country.

Despite drawing flak recently for her sister’s comments, she is still above petty politics and has showcased her acting prowess repeatedly in every single movie that she has been a part of.

The best character trait which defines her acting finesse is effortless versatility as she is capable of blending herself perfectly into any role demanded of her. We will look at nine lesser-known facts that has also been extremely intricate to her character sketch.

1. She learnt her horse-riding in Germany

The movie-character in Manikarnika demanded her of riding a horse. Though it sparked a lot of furore after a fan pointed out that it was a wooden horse which she rode, she still did take up horse-riding classes in Germany.


2. She swapped Priyanka Chopra for Women of the Year

Kangana became the youngest woman in Bollywood to attain this honour. However, the first pick for this award was Priyanka Chopra. Due to a tight schedule, she couldn’t make it to the awards night and the name that came up next was none other than Kangana Ranaut.

3. Literally dirty little secret

Kangana used to skip baths as she didn’t realise the salience of the same in her daily life. However, while studying in Vivekananda, she comprehended the importance of this habit and ensured that she never followed this path again.

4. The DDLJ connection

Like everyone else, she too shared a penchant for Dilwale Dulhaniyaan Le Jaayenge. However, given her age of only 8 years, she always found it difficult to sit through the length of the movie.

Yet the track, “Na Jaane mere” left an indelible impression on her.

5. Initial struggle

It is not an easy task to leave your mark in the B-Town unless you have a pedigree in movies. However, this young Himachali lady validated her mettle as she clawed her way from ground zero to the zenith with sheer hard work and will.

In fact she even slept on the pavements when she failed to find any accomodation in Mumbai.

6. No to racism

She is extremely vocal against any kind of racism. She said no to facial creams to meliorate her skin tone.

In fact an organisation that used her picture to promote fairness without her consent was sued by her.

7. Motivated by Amir Khan

Kangana Ranaut sits through the entire span while her movies are being edited. This aspect of her was motivated by Amir Khan who has a title of “Mr Perfectionist” to protect.

8. Snub by family

Her family didn’t really like her decision of being an actress and hence it was a massive fight with her dad that ensued.
Her dad wanted her to leave the house and she did that without a single penny in her pocket. Her struggles began from then and it is indeed noteworthy to see how wonderfully she has grown over the years.

9. Came to her sister’s aid

Her sister, Rangoli Chandel survived a corrosive assault. Kangana stayed with her throughout to ensure that Rangoli recuperated from this vicious act of hatred, both mentally and physically.