These 19 Engineers Missed Their Classes And Failed Their Clients


While lockdown for COVID 19 is still on, the internet is becoming the center of workspace and relief scopes for the people. While more people have started to use Zoom video for face to face interactions for office work and social connection, students have started to take online classes from their teachers. The situation being this, a hearty dose of fun and laughter brings relief to everyone at the end of the day and here it is.

Take a look at these epic engineering fails which will leave you wondering for a few moments.

#1 How many seconds in a minute, again!

#2 A disaster indeed!


#3 The tree, you must acknowledge.

#4 Speed limit even on the footpath!

#5 No matter how many times you attempt to reach the upper floor, you will never find the way!

#6 Aerial view of the Supreme court, India and rest is in your imagination!

#7 Another natural divider, we must appreciate the engineer here for his love of nature.

#8 Exceptional!

#9 Absolute disaster by the engineer and the reason for the train accident.

#10 How close is too close to share such bonding while pooping!

#11 And the award goes to the best engineer on the list!

#12 Regretable indeed!

#13 What is the logic of measurement behind this? Never mind!

#14 In case you are super tall or the spider-man at least!

#15 An epic fail of measurement.

#16 Just watch and be creative with the caption of this architecture.

#17 Another mismeasurement!

#18 A riddle of patience.

#19 You saw it right!

Source: Talescart