Fans Flood Twitter With Hilarious Memes As Fans Hail Sonu Sood For Helping Migrant Workers


Not all heroes wear capes — this saying now seems true. One of the very popular Bollywood villains has turned out to be an angel in disguise for the hundreds of migrants and Corona warriors. Sonu Sood has been tirelessly helping the people in need during this lockdown.

Amidst the lockdown several migrant workers are seen going to their respective homes on foot as there has been a restriction on public transport movement. However, Sonu has been arranging transportation for the migrant workers to help them reach home.

Recently, in an interview, he opened up about the humanitarian work he has been doing for the ones in need. He said that he feels it is his duty to help migrants, who are the ‘heartbeat’ of the nation. He said:

“I feel it is my duty to help the migrants, the heartbeats of our country. We have seen migrants walking on the highways with their families and kids. We just can’t sit in the AC and tweet and show our concern till we don’t go on the roads, till we don’t become one of them. Otherwise they will not have the trust that there is someone standing there for them. So I have been coordinating for their travels, for permissions from different states,”


Ever since the news of Sonu Sood helping hundreds of migrants reach their homes came out, several migrants are now taking to Twitter to seek help from Sonu. Talking about the same, he said:

“Now I get so many messages and hundreds of emails everyday saying that they want to travel and I have been coordinating non-stop from the morning till the evening. This has become my only job during this lockdown. It gives me so much satisfaction that I can’t express in words.”

He added:

“When I see these migrants and all those who are suffering, I feel that we have lost the respect of being a human. I can’t sleep properly in the night because the thoughts keep coming in my mind. The entire day I am reading emails, noting down their phone numbers, trying to call them. There are hundreds of them. I wish I could drive them personally to their villages day and night and reunite them with their families.”

As per him, we can’t just show concern towards the migrants and those in need by sitting in air-conditioned rooms.

Sonu Sood has won the hearts of one and all with his kind work. People just can’t stop hailing the actor for all that he has been doing for those in need. The creative minds on social media are also flooding social media with hilarious memes on this.

Infact, some of the memes are so funny that even Sonu Sood couldn’t stop himself from replying to them. Here, check out his heart-winning replies to memes:


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