5 Places In India That Had The Audacity To Ban Indians

How about if we tell you about a few places in India that completely restrict the entries of their fellow countrymen? Yes, it is true to the fact that there are some places in India that refuse to serve Indians while they continue to greet foreigners with utmost respect and dignity.

There are a few tourist places in India where foreigners, who understandably offer them more income opportunities, are welcomed gracefully. How much justifiable is it for them to do so? At first, let us introduce you to these places.

Here’s a list of 5 places in India that are banned for Indians:

1. Free Kasol Cafe

The Free Kasol Cafe in Himachal Pradesh is one such place that has strictly restricted the entry for Indians while they continue to serve foreigners at their cafe. It was way back in 2016 when the cafe refused to entertain an Indian woman while they greeted a couple from Israel. The Cafe situated in Kasol was in the headlines for this unusual gesture by the Cafe owner.

2. Red Lollipop Hostel, Chennai

Situated in the heart of the city, the Red Lollipop hostel is another such place that prohibited entry for Indians. The place followed a policy of ‘No Indians’ allowed while continued to serve the overseas people. However, it also served Indians who have a foreign passport.

3. Anjuna beach of Goa

Goa, which happens to one of the most aspiring places to visit for an Indian, is also a popular place of visit for a lot of people outside India. However, while outsiders are welcomes with full zeal, Anjuna beach of Goa restricted entry for Indians. The reason being the local Goans who didn’t allow Indians while limiting the beach access for the people who travel from outside. Even the local shop owners and many restaurants had barred entry for Indian people at their places in Goa.

4. Uno-In Hotel, Bengaluru

The Uno-In Hotel which was built in 2012 in association with Nippon infrastructure, was soon closed after its discriminating behaviour for the local people. The hotel, after its increasing Japanese clients, was shut down by the greater Bangalore city corporation for its unethical relations with the customers. As a result, the hotel has been in the news for the same reasons.

5. Foreigner-only beaches of Puducherry

Just like the beaches of Goa, only foreign nationals are permitted for access at one of the beaches of Puducherry. At various places, the city had barricades and demarcations that work in order to disallow Indians from entering places strictly meant for outsiders. There were a few cases when Indians who had tried to visit such beaches were prohibited access.

Written by Kartik Bansal

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