13 Places Around The World That Share Their Names With Popular Indian Cities

How often have you been febrile about the fact that a city name which is your very own, exists in a farway land from you? Isn’t it unique and personal?

That is exactly how I felt when I found my city in this list of namely doppelgangers, excited and overwhelmed. We will take you through a list of thirteen cities which shares the same name with those of Indian cities but aren’t exactly located in India.

1. Delhi/India, Delhi/United States

In Ontario, Canada, there is a city named Del-high. However, it isn’t really anything like the state that is located in the United States which is called Delhi.

Capital of India and America’s own, this name is special to Indians.

2. Kochi/Kerala, Kochi/Japan

Kochi is the capital of Ernakulam, a city known for its penchant towards fish. It shares its namesake with a Japanese city which is a popular tourist location and also shares equal love for fish.

3. Patna/Bihar, Patna/Scotland

Patna shares a heart-to-heart connection with the people of India through their overwhelming simplicity.

However, Scotland got its Patna through William Fullarton, who was the son to an officer of the East India Company.

4. Calcutta/ West Bengal, Calcutta/United States

Built in 1870, Calcutta was a coal town in United States which still has a few handful occupants.

The one in India though is the cultural heart of the nation and bustles with life.

5. Lucknow/Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow/United States

Also known as Castle in the Clouds, Lucknow in United States is a 16 room and 5500 section of land mountain that holds deep civic legacy.

The Indian Lucknow played hosts to nawabs and classic Mughlai delicacies.

6. Hyderabad/Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad/Pakistan

The Indian town found its name after a nautch that was the city organiser’s favourite while the one in Pakistan found itself christened after the cousin of Prophet Muhammad.

The rich history shared by both the cities stand very tall.

7. Salem/Tamil Nadu, Salem/United States

The Indian city of Salem brags about wonderful carvings while the one in United States is a hebrew word for harmony.

8. Baroda/Gujrat, Baroda/United States

The Indian Baroda holds its specialty in Navratra snacks. It was Michael Houser who crafted the 1.7 square kilometre town in the States. Intially it was supposed to be called Pomona. However, after being told that the name was taken, he changed it to Baroda on the recommendation of C.H. Pindar.

It was Pindar who named the Indian city too.

9. Thane/Maharastra, Thane/Australia

The Indian Thane is filled with exotic shorelines while the one in Australia is a settlement far away from the urban development.

10. Indore/Madhya Pradesh, Indore/United States

Indore in Madhya Pradesh is a renowned city that brags about a rich history. However the one in West Virginia was named after the Hebrew word Endore, meaning spring and settlement.

11. Dhaka/Bihar, Dhaka/Bangladesh

Dhaka in Bangladesh went from India after the war of 1971. However, the one in Bihar holds a mere voting demographic in the nation.

12. Bali/Rajasthan, Bali/Indonesia

Bali is a residential zone in the Pali area in Rajasthan. While the one in Indonesia is a vacationer’s paradise, promising of exquisite shorelines and azure seas.

13. Faridkot/Punjab, Faridkot/Pakistan

The Indian Faridkot is one of the 22 regions of Punjab. The one in Pakistan however played birthplace to Ajmal Kasav, the terrorist who was hanged for his nefarious perpetrations.

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Written by Rohit Ganguly

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