12 Metro Pictures That Prove Somethings Only Happen In India


People residing in the most developed cities in India prefer to locomote with metros. The metros are not only quick modes of transportation but they are also comparatively cheaper. Middle-class people prefer using metros regularly, which often leads to over-crowded trains.

These situations test every individual’s patience. However, they still have to stay with it because the metro cities are usually very overpopulated. In this article, we will have a look at the 12 images from metros that prove that these things happen only in our incredible India.

(Source – Talescart)

The Nawab Of Passengers


People love to sit on their favorite chairs. They find a unique comfort on those chairs. One such metro user had such an affection with his chair that he preferred to carry it with him while traveling.

Dog In A Metro

Metros are not just for human beings and this dog has just established that fact.

A Leaking Metro?

Water leakage is a common problem in India. However, it is tough to imagine water leaking through a metro. The above image just highlights the same.

You Can Conduct Auditions For Dance Shows

Indian ladies can do anything that they wish to do. They can even conduct auditions for dance shows inside a metro.

Practice For Animals

Dogs love metros in India. This stray dog is learning how to use an escalator in one of India’s top metro stations.

Unique Way Of Passing Time

If you possess some unique skills, there is no better place than metros to showcase your talent to the world. You will definitely gain more audience than a few TV shows here.

This Is How You Shed 15 Kgs In A Month

A lady crossed all limits of human brain by climbing down an escalator that was going upwards. Perhaps, this is how the weight loss advertising companies help you shed some extra kilos without any medicine!

Not All Wrestling Matches Need A WWE Ring

These individuals prove that people can fight anywhere, even in a metro!

As Mentioned Ahead, OVERPOPULATED!

Prior to this Coronavirus lockdown, all the metro stations were extremely crowded with everyone wanting just one thing and that was a proper seat in the metro. Thankfully, the metro trains are getting some good time off because of the shutdown.

Dogs Love Monkeys

We saw two images where a dog tried to make his presence felt in metros. Now, here’s an image of a monkey trying to scare the passengers with his antics.

No Gender Equality

While gender equality has become a hot debate topic in 2020, the metros don’t seem to have some as can be seen in the image above.

Walk On Tracks

Perhaps, nowhere in the world, will you find a metro letting its passengers depart through the tracks but as we said it only happens in India!