Top 10 Countries That Are Unsafe For Women

Amidst growing concerns of existence between these challenging times, compounded by repeated waves of violence in various shapes and sizes, security of women has been like a glaring question, accentuated every single day by incredulous brutality.

Throughout the world, women are being objectified, stifled and dominated to suit the needs of the dogmatic patriarchal system that could never venerate their female counterparts. Spanning from brutalities that include stoning to death for adultery to rapes and unchecked trafficking of women, it seems that humanity has been stooping lower with every passing day in the antiquity of mankind.

We will have a look at ten countries that has been chronicled as the most unsafe places for women.

1. Colombia

Dented by domestic violence and internal turf wars between mafia ganglords, Colombia has recorded 45,000 instances of aggressive behaviour in home in 2015. To add to their woes, the most heinous acts of corrosive inflictions on ladies has been increasing with every passing day. Talking about equity, women do not exist in the list.

2. Afghanistan

It seems that this place was always a cesspool for women. Young ladies of the nation has been fending off for themselves right since the nation’s inception. Ladies aged between 15-19 are being espoused to elderly men who prey on these young girls and torment according to their dark and twisted fetishes.

3. The Democratic Republic of Congo

A poor country that suffers from the dearth of humane conditions is also victimised of sexual abuse. Much to the gaping astonishment of everyone, a staggering number of 1150 ladies are assaulted on a daily basis.

4. India

Despite vaunting about the second-largest populace in the world, the country has been ravaged by the sex-hungry predators who holds no regards for women.

Rapes, physical assault, murder, human trafficking and an endless possibility of exploiting women unreservedly has infested the nation.

More than fifty million child murder cases were chronicled in the last three decades.

5. Pakistan

It seems that the existent practices for women has been one of the most detrimental ones in this land. Practices like constrained marriage, discipline by whipping and stoning and acid attacks on women has been defiling the purity of nation for quite some time now and we do not see any drop in those alarming rates.

More than 1000 cases of honour killings have been another alarming scene in Pakistan.

6. Somalia

Extremely high mortality rate laced with physical assault and child marriages, Somalia has played host to infamous crimes against women and it still continues.

7. Egypt


Despite their main income coming from tourism, Egypt has failed to account for its sexual advancement against women. Much to the surprise of everyone, even tourists have suffered the brunt of the sexual lust.

January 2014, saw 19 cases of sexual ambushes.

8. Kenya

It feels like a permanence of being backward for Kenyan women as zero education and HIV has infested the land and carries on with its impertinent dominance.

9. Mexico

A woman carries a banner that reads in Spanish “Duarte Femicide,” referring to the Gov. of the State of Chihuahua Cesar Duarte, during a protest against violence against women marking International Women’s Day in Mexico City, Tuesday, March 8, 2016. International Women’s Day celebrates women and their accomplishments, but it also offers a stark reminder of the gender divides in rights, representation and pay. (AP Photo/Eduardo Verdugo)

Another sacred land for Mafia ganglords, Mexico has zero regards for their ladies. In 2011-12 troubled accounts of disappearances of almost 4000 ladies were divulged and it left an indelible scar on the image of Mexico.
Haplessly, the laws governing Mexico are extremely emaciated when it comes to tackling sexual violence and it seems that the authorities are giving in.

10. Brazil

In the hallowed grounds for Samba, security of ladies are still a thousand times behind.
Poor management, unchecked violence and extremely low sex education has rattled the nation inside out. Despite repeated promises, the country has seen no improvement in women security.

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Written by Rohit Ganguly

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