Here’s How Much Top Business Tycoons Pay Every Month For Their Security

Successful businessmen have set an example for the entire society to follow. A majority of the successful persons started from zero. Their rags to riches stories have inspired many individuals. Such has been the thinking power of some individuals that their net worth is rising even in these testing times.

To ensure that they and their wealth stay safe, the business tycoons often hire many persons in their security department. The costs of their security personnel are very high because they need to satisfy the bodyguards financially so as to avoid any double cross. Here’s a look at the amount that top 5 business tycoons of the world spend on their security.

Mukesh Ambani 

As per a report in, the richest man of India, Mukesh Ambani pays a salary of 15 lakhs INR per month to his security personnel. It is worth noting that a majority of Indian businesses do not have a turnover equal to the amount that Ambani pays per month to his security guards.

Mark Zuckerberg 

The CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg has hired an incredible security personnel. Since he owns the top social media platforms of the world, Zuckerberg spent $23 million in 2019 to make sure that the entire data and his wealth stay safe.

Jeff Bezos

As per, the richest man of the world, Jeff Bezos pays $1.6 Million separately for his personal security.

Warren Buffett 

As per a report by Forbes, Berkshire Hathaway spent almost $375 million in 2017 for the protection of Warren Buffett.

Tim Cook 

The last business tycoon to feature on this list is the CEO of Apple Inc. Tim Cook. The 59-year-old had a net worth of $1.3 billion in 2015. As per, Apple spends $310,000 for Cook’s personal security.


Written by Vinay Chhabria

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