5 Cricketers Who Thought Of Ending Their Lives

Cricket is a sport which can get cruel at times, especially for a cricketer who is going through a rough patch in life. At such times, it becomes highly important for players to stay around people who can protect them from taking extreme steps which create even more problems in a professional’s life. However, not every cricketer is in the company of people who can give sane advice. In such a situation, a player can even think of taking some extreme steps in his life.

Here, we take a look at 5 cricketers who once thought of committing suicide in life:

1. Mohammad Shami

Mohammad Shami, who’s currently regarded among one of the world’s best pace bowler, went through tough times during the early half in 2018. There were problems aplenty concerning his personal life which even impacted his professional career. His wife registered a court case against him for domestic violence.

As a result, even BCCI saw him out the national contract that year. In one of the latest Instagram live sessions with Rohit Sharma, the pacer himself revealed about the atrocities that he faced during that time. It was so brutal on him that thrice he decided to commit suicide before his family helped him come out of that ugly phase of life.

2. Kuldeep Yadav

One of India’s rising stars, Kuldeep Yadav, at the age of 15, though of committing suicide after he couldn’t make to the U-15 team. He wasn’t able to bowl his stock delivery and as a result, he was not selected in the team. At that time, Kuldeep, as a teenager decided to bring an end to his life. However, it was his father, who saw him out of those troubled times and motivated to focus on his skills and move ahead in life.

3. Praveen Kumar

Former India pacer Praveen Kumar, recently shared the incident when he decided to commit suicide after things began to go out of his control. However, it was a thought for his children that didn’t allow him to commit that sin. Kumar, who was known for the ability to swing the ball, believed that he couldn’t make a decision that would lead their children’s life into trouble.

4. Moises Henriques


The Australian all-rounder Moises Henriques, in of the latest interviews during the lockdown revealed that due to excessive stress, a thought of committing suicide did cross his mind. However, the New South Wales player couldn’t take such an extreme step, after realizing about the ten other players in the team, and the ones who have supported him all through his cricketing journey.

5. Mickey Arthur

Former Pakistan Head Coach, Mickey Arthur, once decided to commit suicide after the pressure of his team’s no-show got up to him. Arthur, who was the coach of Pakistan in World Cup 2019, had believed that Pakistan’s loss to India in one of the league matches, was one of the main reasons for making such a decision.

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Written by Kartik Bansal

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