21 Most Weird Jobs Around The World That Many Of You Might Not Have Heard About

While growing up in India, a majority of the children aim of making a career in the world of sports, education, medical science, or art. Some dream to become a dancer while some feel that they can become the next captain of the Indian cricket team. However, very few of them are able to materialize their dreams.

A majority of those dreams do not come true because of the individuals’ laziness as they get restricted to typical 9 to 5 jobs. However, there are some people who just did not want an ordinary job. So, they looked for the oddest jobs in the world and even got hired.

Here’s a look at the 21 craziest jobs in the world.

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Bike Fisher

Amsterdam has several bike fishing places where the professional fish around 14,000 corroded bicycles every year.

Wrinkle Chaser

In this profession, the specialists need to ensure that there are no wrinkles on a shoe at the time of manufacturing. Close observation skills could make you rich in this industry!

Furniture Tester

This job is tailormade for lazy people who wish to sit in one position. As a furniture tester, one needs to use the new piece of furniture as instructed by the owners.

Gross Stunt Tester

Eating grasshoppers for a living is the craziest thing a human being could do!


A Cuidacarro is someone who watches your car when you are away from it and gets paid!

Ostrich babysitter

This job requires more patience than babysitting a human because the ostriches can go wild at one another at any point.

Professional Mourners

In case you did not know, you could sign some professional mourners for your last rites ceremony in case no one cares for you!

Pet food taster

Another weird job that exists and pays well is that of a pet food taster. The hired person needs to ensure that the food satisfies the pets of the buyers.

Car Plate Blocker

To beat Iran’s strategy of odd and even, the citizens came up with a unique idea of hiding their number plates from CCTV cameras by hiring a professional.

Professional Cuddler

Japan is a dream destination for singles. In case you miss your ex-lover, just hire a professional cuddler and he/she will calm your feelings down.

Chicken Identifier

In this profession, one needs to identify the gender of a newly born chicken.

Paper Towel Sniffer

To ensure that the paper towels do not have a foul smell, the companies hire professional sniffers who help them identify if the next visitor can use the facilities properly or not.

Electric Shock Giver

Mexicans often use this technique to come back into the real world after drinking a lot of alcohol.

Water Slide Tester

This job may not be as fun as it seems. The testers put their lives on the line just to ensure that the water slides function properly.

Deodarant Tester

None of the deodorant manufacturing companies would publicize this fact but while creating fragrances, they hire professional sniffers who help them in finalizing the flavors for the perfume.

Vomit Cleaner

These men specialize in cleaning vomits at public places. Quite a noble job!

Wedding Guest

Tips on What to wear to a Japanese wedding | Award-winning ...

This job would be a dream come true for many Indians. They are always excited to attend weddings and in Japan, you can also make some cash by doing so.

Professional Sleeper

Many meme creators have made fun of this job on their pages. A majority of their followers feel this job does not exist but indeed it does!

Professional Stand-in Liner

These specialists will help you complete your other important works by taking your place in queues for money.

Rental Boyfriend

Another Japanese job that makes one scratch his head is that of a rental boyfriend. The title of the job explains what an individual needs to do.

Professional Pusher

Would you like to be a Professional pusher in Tokyo? | Toluna

Another dream job for Indians is that of a pusher. Everyone likes to push the other guy in line here. But, in Japan, you can earn money for pushing someone so that he is not late for work!


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