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Watch: Migrants Cross Path With A Dangerous Leopard In Uttarakhand

The Coronavirus pandemic has hurt the lives of every laborer. The labor class has lost their jobs because of this global depression. They have to go to their homes without a proper mode of transportation. While the government has helped a majority of the poor, some of them are still finding it difficult to reach their native places.

Talking about the transportation methods that these laborers have used, some have preferred to use their creativity and create a mini-vehicle that the family members pull turn by turn. The others have decided to walk their way to home. The laborers have covered an enormous distance in the last few weeks.

The roads are empty because of the lockdown. Hence, they have not faced any troubles from vehicles. However, the animals, especially the wild creatures, have proved to be obstacles in their way. Recently, a video had gone viral on the internet where a labor family was on its journey in Uttarakhand. And, on the same road, a leopard was wandering a few minutes ago.

NDTV shared that video from the Jim Corbett National Park, where the migrant laborers were holding torches in their hands. The leopard seemed to be hungry and looking for food. Hence, the individuals who took that route were fortunate enough to avoid encountering the wild creature. Here is the video:

Since the video has gone viral, it will be interesting to see how the government reacts to it and whether it takes any steps to improve laborers’ journeys.

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Written by Vinay Chhabria

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