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This Sensuous Dance Performance On ‘Hamma Hamma’ Has Gone Viral On The Internet

The new trend of Bollywood songs has been crazily invested in remaking old songs, which isn’t only peppy but also groovy that gives you the perfect beats to tap your feet.

A few songs go on to make great hits while a few goes down the drains as hated flops, like Badshah’s Genda Phool in the recent days that faced considerable stir towards the negative sides.


However, the former category of songs that goes on to catch public’s attention creates ripples quite gigantic enough.

Ok Jaanu’s catchy track, “The Humma Song” is still creating ripples across social media for the groove and also for the fabulous platform of dance that it has given to the public.

Now to encourage further interest in the song, a couple has danced their heart out that has won several plaudits on social media.

Known as “The Bom Squad”, a couple performs absolutely crazy steps to this song and has uploaded this sensation on Youtube which has received more than 48 lakh views and is inching closer to 49.

In fact, The Bom Squad has been doing a sublime job in their performances and social media has been like the biggest rostrum for the couple stirring up the wildest fantasies of the Indian spectators.


The advent of social media has actually equipped the youth of the nation with a platform to showcase their talents which was cooped up only to limited screens.

However, one has to work diligently to create the video and then promote it in order to optimize the views. This couple has been doing it right ever since.

Practice, perfection, dance video, edits and finally promotion, put them in the same cauldron and it all will brew up together to give you a stunning video of one of your favourite songs. Don’t forget passion, please. It is like the heart.

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Written by Rohit Ganguly

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