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Atheist Krishna Gave A Hilarious Angle To Bangalore’s Mysterious Bang Noise

Yesterday, the entire city of Bengaluru heard a mystery sound resembling that of an earthquake in the afternoon. Because of the nationwide lockdown, everyone was at home when this supernatural thing occurred. This news trended on Twitter the entire day with Twitterati giving their own theories about the sound.

Some users felt that there was some underground explosion that caused this sound while the others believed that the Aliens paid a visit to the capital city of Karnataka. Pun specialist Krishna, who has received the appreciation from Akshay Kumar for his pure comedy skills, gave his opinion on his debate.

Showcasing his mind-boggling sense of humor, the Twitter user with the name @Atheist_Krishna shared the following theory on this development. He felt that aliens wished to visit the M. Chinnaswamy Stadium and witness Virat Kohli’s Royal Challengers Bangalore playing an IPL game. However, as BCCI has suspended IPL 2020 because of the Coronavirus pandemic, the aliens had to return home without being entertained.

He shared a customized video of a spaceship and wrote the following message:

Nobody know what happened in #Bangalore. This is my theory. “Aliens came to see IPL match & when they didn’t see anyone playing they got pissed”.
The video has gone viral on the internet as it has fetched over 200,000 views and nearly a thousand Twitter users have retweeted Krishna’s theory.
Even the comments box was full of hilarious replies. Some users suggested that the aliens had to abduct Yuzvendra Chahal while some felt that the aliens were actually pissed after watching Virat Kohli’s dinosaur video on social media.
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Written by Vaibhav Sharma

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