A Pakistani Asked Adnan Sami ‘Aap Eid Manayenge?” And Got A Fitting Reply In Return

It was 4 years ago when Adnan Sami, who was a Pakistani citizen, was granted Indian nationality after living in India for more than 2 decades. However, every day he finds himself at the receiving end of criticism and trolling by Pakistani people, who just can’t move on with this fact.

Recently, Adnan Sami took to his twitter and asked a very interesting question related to his hit-track Tera Chehra, when a twitter user tried to troll him over the same issue again.Adnan wrote:

Just a small question to almost everyone who sing the cover of ‘Tera Chehra’…. Why do you all always start it with the antra & not the mukda?#JustAsking”

Here, check out the tweet:

While Twitterati came up with their amazing reactions on the Tweet of Adnan Sami, trying to answer the question he asked. However, a twitter user from Pakistan came up with a cheap tweet, where he asked Adnan Sami if he will be celebrating Eid or will he spend his time celebrating Savitri Puja, as both the festivals are coming on the same day. The troll wrote:

“Ap Eid manaayenge ya kal ke din Savitri ki pooja kareen ge ? just Asking …”

Here, check out the tweet:

The tweet soon caught the attention of Adnan Sami, who came up with a savage reply to the troll. In his tweet, Adnan Sami schooled the troll by writing:

Agar khud ki akal nahin hai tho kamazkam apne naam ‘Muhammad’ ka tho lihaaz rakh lo!! Kya prophet Muhammad pbuh aisa sawaal poochte ek musalmaan se? Pedaishi jahil ho ya kisi school se training li hai? Just Asking…”

Here, check out the tweet:

The tweet soon went viral and was flooded with hilarious reactions from fans, who were full of praises for Adnan Sami’s savage reply to the twitter user. Here, check out the reactions of Twitterati on this:

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Written by Unnati Madan

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