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Comedian Karan Talwar Shared A Very Insulting Post For Sadhguru And Got Slammed By His Own Followers

Famous comedian, Karan Talwar who is popularly known as Bollywood Gandu has garnered a huge fan following on social media with his skills. The comedian has millions of followers on Twitter. However, his recent post related to Sadhguru’s wife has caught the ire of his own followers as everyone is slamming him for his tweet.

Karan tried to pull the leg of “Bhakts” by sharing a screenshot of his tweet where he uploaded a photograph of Sadhguru thinking about something. In Talwar’s opinion, the Yogi is trying to recollect where did he bury his own wife. He also wrote in the caption box:

“Bhakts triggered in 3..2…1…”

Sadhguru is a mystic and a visionary who has tried to preach everyone the way of living. His motivational messages have helped in changing the lives of many people. Because of his values, Sadhguru has a massive following. His good work has also earned him everyone’s respect. Thus, when Talwar tried to disrespect the visionary and his followers, even his own fans turned their back on Bollywood Gandu as they slammed him on social media.

The Facebook post has received nearly 10,000 reactions till now, with a majority of them being of the angry emoji. Also, the social media community has written negative remarks against Karan Talwar’s opinion in the comments box. Even Twitterati have lost their minds on this development as they have slammed the comedian for his tweet.

Here are some of the top tweets bashing Karan Talwar’s negative post on his Facebook page.


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Written by Vinay Chhabria

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