10 Best Memes On Bangalore’s Mysterious Loud Noise


On Wednesday, in a surprising turn of events, the people of Bangaluru heard a loud super-sonic sound, which has left all the tech city people rattled. From sparking wild rumors of an earthquake to an explosion or a fighter jet cruising at high speed, people are making wild speculations on the super-sonic sound they heard.

Well, the residents of Eastern Bengaluru were left in shock after they experienced a loud thud this afternoon in the Whitefield region and several other areas around the International airport, Kalyan Nagar, MG road, Marathahalli and more. People came out of their homes and many even took to social media and shared videos of the incident, which are now making rounds on the internet.

The Karnataka State Natural Disaster Management Centre (KSNDMC) has confirmed that it wasn’t an earthquake. Meanwhile, in another report, the Bengaluru Police Commissioner Bhaskar Rao confirmed with the Air Force Control Room if it was some flight test. As per speculations, the Sound was more likely  ‘sonic boom’ caused by a fighter Mirage 2000 jet flying over the city. 

While the source of the sound is still not clear, Twitterati have found a new topic to make memes and jokes on. They stated:

“The explosive sound is not because of a quake in the city and no need to panic,” 


As the people are still guessing the source, creative minds on social media have already flooded Twitter with their hilarious memes and jokes on it. Some of them are so funny that we just can’t stop ourselves from sharing them with you.

Here, in this article, we bring you 10 most hilarious tweets we found on social media, have a look:

  • Rofl:

  • Kuch naya batao:

  • Ab bas yehi baaki reh gaya tha:

  • *crying in a corner*:


  • Corona be like:


  • LMAO:

  • Thanos is that you?:

  • LMAO:

  • Swiggy too jumped in:

  • This: