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8 Times Bollywood Actors Lost Control While Shooting Romantic Scenes

We love watching our actors doing the steamy scenes that otherwise would be a fantasy. Let’s just say, at times we place ourselves in the opposite of our favorite actors and try to imagine ourselves in that situation! Back to reality, these intense fake lovemaking scenes require a lot of practice and more importantly, a lot of control! Yes, to make the scenes happen they do need to make it look real. But there are always slips and loosies that happen on and off!

Let’s take a look at the list of few actors who took reel to real:

  1. Ranbir Kapoor in Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani

While doing a scene with Evelyn Sharma, Ranbir Kapoor kept on being his playboy self even after the director said cut. Hot Evelyn really gave him a tough time to get back to composure!

2. Ruslaan Mumtaz in I Don’t Love You

While a lip lock scene was in full action, Ruslaan seemed to lose himself in the kiss with Chetna. Speculation said that he even unzipped Chetna’s dress while the scene was on, supposedly to make it look more real! However, he apologized later.

3. Sidharth Malhotra in A Gentleman

Looks like Sidharth and Jacqueline took their method acting workshop quite seriously. Even after the director said cut in a steamy scene, apparently both the actors did not stop their lip locked action!

Now let us travel back to the old ones:

4. Vinod Khanna in Dayavan

In one of the romantic scenes with Madhuri Dixit, they had an intense lip-lock session where they were seen really engaged in the activity. However, in reality, the Casanova Vinod lost control and that time newbie Madhuri had just nothing but to deal with it. He even bit her lips. That’s brutal!

5. Ranjeet in Prem Pratigya

There was this scene in the movie where he had a mushy scene with Madhuri. However, things turned bad when he tried to force himself on her that Madhuri literally got scared of him and warned him to not come near her ever again!

Looks like Madhuri Dixit was quite a fantasy for veterans!

6. Prem Nath in Gold Medal

Prem Nath had an obsession over then Bollywood beauty, Faryal. He was so gaga for her that he started treating her like his arm candy without her consent- reel and real. Faryal being terrified from the then male-dominated setting of the industry that she had no choice but to get along the fetishes of Prem Nath even after the movie was over. Eventually, she got rid of him after some time.

What do you think of these actors? Do they enjoy the fact that they can get away with their mischief or is it really very difficult to keep it cool and not lose control?

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