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12 Times People Made A Mess Of Their Dresses And Went Viral

For a lot of us being fashionable is a weird state of confusion. We are always stuck at a conjecture as to how far should we go to follow the bold and free spirit of fashion. Then we come across a few disasters which leave us with no words and utter shock. A few moments later, that becomes a laughter riot.

Here are a few pictures that are world-class fashion disasters that are achingly hilarious:

Crocs, for the punk in you!

This baby is going to grow up with the toughest love in the world.

This t-shirt will definitely give a run for money to all the motivational speakers. A classic example of how the placement of words can make or break the message.

Couldn’t dirty the feet but had to follow the street fashion. Hype beast took a hilarious turn when the socks turned into feet. Or maybe the other way round!

Okay, that’s a periodic skirt. Wonder who would look beyond this gross print and buy it.

This school is a killer. The orchestra players love to play hangman. And that’s what they did with the notes.

Friends told to not keep the arms down while wearing this T-shirt. The girl must have wondered until…

She saw this picture! That’s back to back hilarious (if you get the pun)

Nothing’s wrong with the man. It just seems like his t-shirt needs a pair of boxers to keep things undercover.

She is not riding a dead body. That’s just her entire dress. The mermaid transformed into a human and that’s her dead tail.

The father definitely is obsessed with the kid.

So that is not a robot if you are mistaken. That’s her dress and not her back.

The Lord of the Rings merchandise we would never like to see again.

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