Bhaavna Arora Asked If There Can Home Delivery Of S€x And Got Hilarious Replies


Bhaavna Arora who rose to fame as an author by her choice of writing. She is a young and thriving author who is known to take risks in selecting bold genres of writing. her bestselling works are The Deliberate Sinner, Mistress of Honour and Love Bi the Way.

After the lockdown 4.0, she made a striking post on twitter which got her an instant limelight.

She tweeted: “Sex ki home delivery milegi kya? #LockdownExtended”

It took the Twitterati and her followers into an unexpected spot.


Lets see some of the reactions:

“lekin Lockdown me modi ji ne pass aane ka mna kiya hai”

“कौन सा वाला चाहिए?”

“For you…Take twice a day.”

“Thousands of mazdoors are suffering and dying but meanwhile on twitter!”

“Aatmanirbhar bano.”

“Sex se sirf delivery ho shakti he, ajgar ka case samne ne, lekin kisi anjan se mat karna nahi to kagaz ka problem ho jayega, baki aish karo lekin savdhani se corona ko dhyan me rakhte hue..”

“ये सब्जी तो होगा ही”

“शर्म कर कुत्तिया……. इतना बड़ा एकाउंट पकड़ कर फालतू ट्वीट करते हुए शर्म नहीं लगती ?”

“भावनाओ पर काबू रखो आत्मनिर्भर बनो, और सेल्फ डिस्टेंसिंग का पालन करो, फिलहाल तो तोरी बैगन कद्दू खीड़ा यदा कदा मूली गाजर भी मिल ही जा रहा है, फिर बाहर से कोरोणा क्यों बुलाना”

“She thinks, everytime she will tweet something about ‘sex’ and it will look cool. But , sorry fact is that, it looks pathetic. I will not recommend your book on ‘ Lieutenant Umar’ also to any of my fauji friends.”

“Feminists be like”

“ब्लयुटिक है कुछ अच्छा ज्ञान देती शर्मसार कर रही देश की परिस्थितियों का ऐसी वाहियात ट्वीट करना कहा लाजमी है”


We can only hope Bhaavna finds a solution to her frustration soon!

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