A Reporter Asked Rajkumar Rao To Comment On “Failures Of Khan” And He Gave A Brilliant Reply


One actor who has been versatile and established himself as an epitome of being unconventional to the idea of a Bollywood hero is Rajkumar Rao. From his debut performance in Kai Po Che to the award-winning performance in Newton, he did prove that an actor’s skillset is the most important attribute that will sell his name beyond good looks and forced macho charisma.


Just like other actors, he was also put into a spot by the conniving reporters where he was compared to the Khans of Bollywood.

With an interview with the PTI along with the comparison he was also asked to comment on the failures that the Khans face today. The actor humbly replied, “I don’t think we can compare superstars and actors like me. The kind of films Aamir sir, Shah Rukh sir and Salman sir have done are amazing. You can’t say they are not good just because one of their films did not work. They are superstars for some reason and we all love them. I am myself a fan of Khans. We should not compare. We are very new and we have a long way to prove ourselves. I don’t think the kind of superstardom that these superstars have seen will ever come back again,”



Rajkumar was asked to comment on the stardom of the Khans, he said “it’s the popularity, which everyone wants and a star is made by his fans. The public is crazy about the Khans (obviously in a good way) , they have created such an aura that their acting is much loved by the audience.” He quoted as saying: “I want all our films to do well at the box office. But the craze that they have seen is something I don’t think is going to comeback. It is very tough. People love these actors, the way people react, shout, hug, cry… The phenomenon is huge.”

Then he was asked if he is at all happy with the type of roles he gets. To which he replied that he is very content and happy to do these critical and difficult roles that he performed in movies like Newton, Trapped, Bareilly Ki Barfi and Stree .

“I am very happy doing what I am doing and if it takes me there, good. But let me tell you I am happy in this space.”


When he was asked about his experiences and his reactions to the films, he replied: “Audience loved these stories more than anything else. Today people are more concerned about the content they are seeing. I always try to offer new things. Since my debut film ‘Love Sex Aur Dhokha’, I am trying to experiment and push boundaries as an actor. I am happy people are accepting that. It is a feeling of validation as these are the kind of films I was doing earlier and today they are doing great numbers.”

When asked if he reads all his scripts, he confessed that he reads all the scripts and only says yes to a film if the script is good.

“I do get a lot of scripts, I don’t want to give a number, I can’t brag. I get all kinds of scripts from weird to some really interesting ones as well. I have a number of films to choose from. “I read all my scripts and I don’t let other people decide. I believe an actor should invest their time in reading scripts carefully and understanding it. Also, there are filmmakers with whom I wanted to work and now I am getting the opportunity to do so.”.


As for his experience in the film Ek Ladki Ko Dekha To Aisa Laga, where he acted opposite to Sonam Kapoor, he said: “More than the role, the story was unique, so I did the film. It talks about things that are relevant in our society. I liked the role as well. It is the story that I look at first and then comes my role.” He further added: “This film (‘Ek Ladki..’) is more about acceptance. This is a family film, relationship drama, it is about friendship, love. I believe there has to be equality, you can’t judge someone based on sexual preference. It is their life and who they want as their partners, it is a normal thing,”

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