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9 Teachers Who Took Hilarious Precautions To Prevent Cheating

Remember the favorite part of our exams? “Hall collection”! Yes, this holds precious memories in our hearts. The time we used to spent studying was no way at par the time we used to spend in getting creative with our ways to cheat during the paper. And it was not even for ourselves but for our friends too! Cheating always made our bonds stronger. Now, this is not exactly for those people who kept it to themselves because they studied it all!

This article is for those people who made memories to look back during exams. Well, not always the teachers took it easy and sometimes they really stepped up their games to prevent students from peeking into each other’s papers. Looks like modern problems were really given modern solutions by these innovative teachers.

Here is a list of pictures that proves it correct:

Definitely a 21st-century teacher who left no stones unturned to get a creative solution for these adult learners!

Resource management done right at the right time!

The teacher understands the metaphor of a bird box better than anyone else!

And that is how during the tests, teachers make it up for the times we made fun of them in the class.

Surveillance on board…..a cop’s view!

Not sure if that’s a military training or a political lifestyle but the coach surely knows how to grill these trainees well.

Maybe these are the same papers we used to make planes with and threw at the teacher; how the tables turned!

Lockdown of mischief during exams looks like this!

This teacher definitely knows how to intimidate.

Amidst lockdown, besides the front line workers, the teachers have been remarkably functional while the nation implements online classes for all students. Kudos to the teachers who have been working so hard so that education never stops!


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