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Meet The Biggest Chain Smokers Of Bollywood

Good habits and bad habits are all that makes a man. Our Bollywood stars are no less on this. We have seen how Bollywood stars have been inspirations to many and have come forward to help people in need. Talking about inspirations, they do set examples for bad habits too!

Here is a list of five chain smokers from Bollywood:

Shahrukh Khan

Our beloved Badshah has a serious smoking problem. Speculations say he flies to Los Angeles quarterly each year to get his lungs cleaned from the nicotine that he gathers from his guilty pleasure. On film sets, while shooting, his assistants always need to stay alert for his nicotine needs every time the director says cut. A paparazzi even clicked a picture of him smoking on set of Happy New Year that created quite a controversy.

Ajay Devgn

Next up, the Singham of Bollywood has always made his smoking habits quite prominent with his ugly set of teeth! He finds it really difficult to quit smoking even after he promised he would quit it to his daughter Nysa. Now that is some serious bad habit! He was even fined a few times for smoking in public places.

Sanjay Dutt

The hefty actor has a strong addiction to cigarettes among his other choices of substance. he has always made news in the 1990s where he was a narcotics addict. he is known to have joined the drug parade at a young age and at the very start of his career. He seems to have been living his life in moderation of late. However, cigarettes still remained a part of his bad habits.

This viral picture where He is seen lighting a cigarette while on a video call with his daughter Trishala grabbed the bad books of his fans.

Ranbir Kapoor

Allegedly related or not, Ranbir Kapoor shares the same trait with Sanjay Dutt when it comes to smoking. The mama’s boy has not been quite the one when it comes to being a chain smoker. He is an addict and he has found it really hard to give it up. To give up smoking, Ranbir even went to stay with his grandmother so that he puts himself on a check. That didn’t go well of course!

This particular picture snapped outside a filmy party where he was seen sharing a chill scene with Mahira Khan while they smoked stirred a lot of negativity in the media.

Salman Khan

We could not have missed our Bhai from this list, could we? He has always been the bad boy of Bollywood and for anything that is off-road, we have found him guilty of doing that! He has even flaunted his habit in the public confessed to not have done much to get rid of chain-smoking. However, in the recent past, he had a nerve complication for which his treatment needed him to give smoking and drinking. However, occasional withdrawals followed by a hot-headed Salman is often on the news!

This is from his film Tere Naam where he boldly went ahead to take massive drags of cigarettes throughout the first half of the movie.

Do you think there are other actors who are chain smokers?

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