Bhuvan Bam Gave A Heart-Touching Reply To Carryminati On Twitter

CarryMinati finally went vocal after removing his recent video content ‘TikTok Vs YouTube’ which has received immense attention from his fans and following over the internet. The Vlogger said that it was very hard to accept him.

After slaying the trends throughout on YouTube on Friday, followers of CarryMinati are seeking for justice for removing ‘TikTok Vs YouTube’ video content. The YouTube creator CarryMinati aka Ajey Nagar finally decided to broke his silence on this wrangle. The YouTuber responded that it was not expected and said, ‘hard to accept’ that the roast video ‘TikTok Vs YouTube’ was removed from the site. While he was remarking his thoughts about the deletion incident, the YouTuber called it a ‘frustrating day.’

CarryMinati posted his statement from the micro-blogging site Twitter on Saturday. The Youtuber started to share about his journey on YouTube, how to make a video to entertain people, and about the passion of becoming a content creator from a very early age. He mentioned in his writing that he set his ‘blood, sweat, and whole life’ in this virtual space that encouraged people to like him thorough his entertaining contents.

The video creator seemed to accept this fact that, ‘video will remain banned and won’t be restored’. CarryMinati also said that his video broke many records on YouTube and could have set a new record as it was 1 day behind being the most-liked non-music video on the platform. He added that this deletion took away an honor to an Indian artist on YouTube.

In his statement, CarryMinati wrote about not getting enough response, ‘can be the most disappointing situation.’ He further wrote, ‘biggest achievements become an easy target’ to this kind of deletion. He ended up his statement by saying his gratitude to all his fans and followers to stand beside him and support him and that’s all matter to him.

Popular YouTuber Bhuvan Bam also took to his twitter and wrote a heartfelt message for CarryMinati. He wrote:

“Deep down everyone will remember that yours was/will be the most liked YT video ever. We love you.”

Here, check out the Tweet:

Written by Swati Suvra

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