Paresh Rawal Wrote A Hilarious Message As Liquor Shops Open Amidst Lockdown

The whole world is currently struggling with the Coronavirus pandemic, which has brought human life to a pause. The total number of Coronavirus infected people around the world has reached 35,95,563, including 249,225 deaths.

Therefore, in order to prevent the Coronavirus from spreading further, many parts around the world are currently under the lockdown. People are asked to maintain social distancing and follow all the safety measures given by the government and health institutions around the world.

Talking about India, the number of Coronavirus victims has reached 42,836, including 1395 deaths. The lockdown phase, that was started on March 23rd has now entered the third level as it has been extended further till May 17th. However, the government has made restrictions based on three different zones.

Meanwhile, as the relaxation in lockdown came into force, on Monday, after 40 days the liquor shops in India finally opened. The liquor shops were closed ever since the government imposed the lockdown and as expected, the moment the shops were opened chaotic scenes were witnessed in many cities.

A commotion erupted outside many liquor shops as scored of people thronged in the liquor shops to buy liquor.

Bollywood actor Paresh Rawal, who is very active on the micro-blogging site, took to his official Twitter handle and posted a hilarious tweet over the matter. In his tweet, he jokingly asked everyone to not get drunk so much and go to China to fight after drinking. He wrote:

Wine Shop खोलने से पहले सरकार की मार्मिक अपील-
“कृपया पीने के बाद गाड़ी सीधे अपने घर ले जायें। कोई भी चीन से लड़ने नहीं जायेगा।”

(which roughly translates to: “A humble appeal from the Government before opening the wine shops- Please drive straight to your homes after drinking. No one must go to China to fight.“).

Here, check out the tweet:

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Written by Unnati Madan

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