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A Hater Edited Nia Sharma’s Picture To Put A ‘[email protected]’ Toy And The Actress Gave A Fitting Reply

Photoshopping is fun! In fact, using the different layers to improvise has become quite the tren. It is well known to us how people go to extremes to place their pictures in impossible circumstances. For example, kissing or hugging a favorite celeb, replacing the head of a celeb with one’s own, by the beach in nightsuit or extra beautification to look almost extraterrestrial!

Sometimes, ignorant people get their hands into such things and usually use it for otherwise purposes. We have seen how people morph pictures of celebs in comprising circumstances for unpleasant comedy for a minute.

Neha Sharma’s picture recently got morphed where somebody seamlessly morphed a sex toy set on a bedside table.

It looked so real that it was hard to believe in the first go that it is actually morphed. It raged Twitter attention as people started making her a target for hate comments and reactions. It was legit unfair!

Take a look at the picture below:


And as expected people started posting hateful comments on this picture without realizing that it is morphed. Here are a few Tweets:

After all this shade thrown at her, Neha kept her cool revealed the real picture on her Instagram to prove the trollers wrong. She later also posted the same picture on Twitter and captioned it: 

“It’s sad how misogynistic people can be… stop morphing pics and getting cheap thrills out of it… this is the original pic…”

This is the real picture :

This is not the first time that we have seen such a thing has happened. But it should be our conscience to not encourage these jerks and really use our minds to understand that celebs are not so dumb to reveal their utmost personal secrets to the world like that.

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