A User Requested Krishna To Hide His Stomach And The Photoshop King Gave It A Hilarious Angle

The Coronavirus pandemic, which has already taken the lives of lakhs of people around the world has led to a state of fear and panic all around the world. Many parts of the world are currently under the lockdown, in order to contain the outspread of the disease. Meanwhile, it is getting difficult for people to maintain their calm as the numbers are increasing constantly.

However, the creative minds on social media are trying their best to entertain us all during this pandemic. From hilarious memes to funny videos and images, creative minds on social media are maintaining the much-needed positive vibes on social media.

And as we are talking about creative minds, Twitter is filled with such people. Those who are on Twitter would agree that it is the best social media platform, that never fails to entertain us with its amazing content, all thanks to the amazing content creators on Twitter.

Radhakrishna Panga or Atheist Krishna is one of the most popular content creators on Twitter with over 343k followers and is followed by many prominent people including Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself.

His followers keep sending him requests to edit their photos and he takes requests and applies his magic to it doing exactly what people ask him but with a Twist.

Recently, a twitter user shared a picture of himself with his brother, where both can be seen jumping in the air, with a beautiful background. Sharing the picture, the twitter user wrote:

Hi @Atheist_Krishna brother can please edit my friend (one in white) as extend his T-shirt as his stomach is visible. Thank You.”

Krishna happily accepted the request of the twitter user and came up with a hilarious response. He did photoshop the picture as the twitter user site but Krishna being himself, he added a small twist to it and left everyone in splits with the result.

Well, he came up with a hilarious result, where the t-shirt of the guy was stretched up till his knees and it looked down-right hilarious.

Here, check out the tweet:

Soon the tweet went viral on Twitter and his fans flooded the tweet with their amazing reactions on the same. Here, check out the reactions of Twitterati on this:

Written by Unnati Madan

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