A Fan Asked Sunil Chhetri To Share His Netflix Password And He Gave A Hilarious Reply

On Sunday, Sunil Chhetri was left in splits after a fan asked the Indian football team captain for his Netflix password. The Indian football team captain took to his official twitter account and shared a screenshot of a message from a fan, who made a bizarre request from Sunil Chhetri. Sharing the screenshot, Sunil Chhetri wrote a hilarious caption that read:

“Jersey ❌
Autograph on a picture ❌
Reply to the post ❌
Video wishing the neighbour’s son’s pet dog ❌”
Here’s someone who has priorities straight and it’s really making me want to consider the demand.”

Here, check out the tweet:

Netflix India was quick to take notice of the tweet and come up with a reply to the post. They decided to take advantage of the opportunity and asked the Indian football captain for an autograph on a picture. Netflix India wrote:

While we’re on the topic, could we also get your autograph on a picture?”

Here, check out the reply of Netflix India:

However, Netflix India wouldn’t have expected the reply that they got from Sunil Chhetri. Well, the Indian football captain came up with a hilarious reply to the tweet and offered a deal to Netflix India. In his reply, Sunil Chhetri asked Netflix India to give a 2-month free subscription to the fan in order to get the autographed picture. Sunil Chhetri wrote:

In the true spirit of a barter, how about you guys hand the kid a two-month subscription and I’ll send a signed shirt and a picture your way? Do we have a deal?”

Here, check out the tweet:

As soon as this tweet caught eyes, people were left in splits with the witty reply. Here, check out the reactions of twitterati on this:

Meanwhile, Netflix India happily agreed to Sunil Chhetri’s deal and soon decided to give the fan a free subscription card along with a jersey of the Indian football captain. Netflix India wrote:

How about we send him both the jersey and a subscription card? Let’s make his day. Slide tackling into your DMs so we can figure out how to do this.”

Here, check out the reply:

Sunil Chhetri sealed the deal and in return promised to give Netflix a jersey as well. He wrote:

Sounds great guys, now that we’ve got this figured out
Subscription for the kid ✅
Shirt for the kid ✅
Shirt for you guys✅

Here, check out the tweet:

Well, we must say, the fan is a very lucky guy!

Written by Unnati Madan

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