The GOI Gave A Special Warning To People Above 65 Years Age And Anand Mahindra Gave A Hilarious Reply


As the lockdown got extended by two more weeks effective from May 4, it has been a more restless situation in the country more than ever. It marks the new extension date till May 17. Along with that, the Central also came up with a new rule.

People above 65 with comorbidities and pregnant ladies are restricted strictly at homes by the Ministry of Home Affairs. This is applied to the COVID-19 affected areas.

The Times of India also shared a similar Tweet yesterday:

To this, our favorite business tycoon, Anand Mahindra, Chairman of the Mahindra Group confirmed his birthday with a rather funny reaction related to this declaration.

He Tweeted:


“I have a terrible sense of timing: I just turned 65 yesterday!”

His joke was quite intelligent to express his confusion and was well received by his fans. They started commenting on this post in a jiffy and garnered compliments.

“Your sense of humour any day will score higher than your sense of timing”

“One shud always remember Brian Adams Song ” 18 till I die “.”

“Take care Sir ji, but you looks 40.”

“You do Yoga right ? So y fear..baba Ramdev there.”

“Just like a good bottle of wine, you’re not old, just well seasoned! Happy 65th Sir…Regards”

“I just realised you’re 65, i thought you’ll be around your 50’s. See how easily you can bluff anyone with your charm. Age is just a number what makes you young and healthy is your willpower.”

“Anand sir, U r evergreen, jhakaas @AnilKapoor of India Inc…. Don’t worry Pls…. U hv many more achievements to be recorded in ur name only, which U wud see, all by urself. Keep Tweeting abt it All !!”

He has definitely risen to fame with this strong Twitter game. What do you think?

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