AbRam Got A Marriage Proposal And SRK Gave A Hilarious Reply


Recently, Shah Rukh Khan took to his Twitter handle and got connected with his fans. Like any other star, the actor also made it a point to utilize this lockdown time to get closer to his followers. His #AskSRK post went viral within seconds as twitter users started pouring in questions. Well, the ones answerable, Shah Rukh Khan did not hesitate to reply to those.

A fan shared his niece’s picture gave a marriage proposal for her youngest son, Abram.

He said, “#AskSRK sir my niece Vedika loves Abram, can she marry him, she’s only 1 yrs old last month, would be glad of you could wish her and bless her…..”

To this, the actor replied, “God bless her. She is very pretty.”

Here is the Tweet:


Eh…you are looking for answers in the wrong place my friend. Best of luck with your endeavour.

Shah Rukh definitely showed his fatherly side and kept his sarcasm at bay this time!

Next up we saw a fan asked for advice from the actor as to how he might be able to quit smoking. We all know about Shah Rukh’s chain-smoking habits and he has been very honest about it. Speculations were done few years ago and it was believed that he even goes to California every 3-4 months to get some fancy therapy where his body could get rid of the nicotine from time to time. Well, it seems he could not get rid of the habit though.

The fan asked, “@srk any suggestions how to quit smoking, trying too hard. #AskSRK.”

To this he replied, “Eh…you are looking for answers in the wrong place my friend. Best of luck with your endeavour.”

At least he is honest about his bad habit.

Here take a look:

Another fan asked his reaction to the song sung by Bhai, Salman Khan on our country and the Coronavirus. His reaction was witty as expected!

The user tweeted, “#askSRK @BeingSalman just launched his new song in his voice about corona and his love about country. Have you watched this ? @iamsrk”

To this Shah Rukh replied,“Bhai kamaal ka Single aur Singer hai…”

Take a look:

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