A Troller Questioned Priyanka Chopra For Wearing ‘Sindoor’ And Her Mom Gave A Fitting Reply

Love changes everyone, however, when Bollywood celebrities change, they end up being at the receiving end of trolling and are called as ‘hypocrites’. There was a time when our global star Priyanka Chopra used to think that she doesn’t need a man in her life. She also spoke negatively about how a woman has to carry the last name of a man forever.

However, things changed when she fell in love with Nick Jonas. As the actress is head over heels in love with Nick Jonas, she has very proudly accepted his last name. Infact, many times she is spotted flaunting with sindoor on her forehead. Though now it all looks normal, but there was a time when netizens had called out on her hypocrisy.

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There is always a light at the end of the tunnel… Hang in there world…😘

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A twitter user named Deepika Narayan Bhardwaj had taken a dig at Priyanka Chopra on her statements without taking her name directly. In her tweet, the fan slammed how Bollywood celebrities change so quickly. She wrote:

Scream and shout at top of voice….I dont need a Man, I need a man only to make babies, we aren’t 2nd fiddle
Quicky change into a coy bride, say he is the sun and moon and stars, change your name, wear mutthi bhar sindoor the moment you find your MAN.
Bollywood Feminists!”

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Well, the tweet soon caught the eyes of Madhu Chopra, who gave a fitting reply to the stroller. Madhu Chopra replied the twitter user and expressed how Sindoor is no more a bondage for a woman. She wrote:

Sindoor is not synonymous with bondage anymore. Watch Priyanka proving it everyday!!”

Here, check out the Tweet of Madhu Chopra:


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