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A User Requested Krishna To Change The Background Of His Picture And He Made It More Funny

Atheist Krishna is a self-taught artist who takes request on Twitter for alterations to photographs and the final result is hilarious. The photo morphed artist followed the ‘exact’ thing what people ask but he does not follow what they really asked for.

Radhekrishna Panga aka Atheist Krishna photo alteration does ‘exactly’ the opposite what people ask him to do. Asking him to morph one photo is an experience by the troll wizard. Recently, a user named Dr Mukesh Dwivedi asked Krishna to remove the background of his given picture. The user is in his blue jacket in the photograph and standing in front of a white track and he asked Krishna. “Brother kindly change the background of my picture”

As far as the photo alteration has completed by the troll wizard and he did ‘exactly’ what he was asked. Atheist Krishna removed the background with a white track instead he added a much bigger saffron colour truck behind the man. The Twitterati are giving their hilarious response as the morphed photo landed in Atheist Krishna’s profile.


Atheists Krishna’s photo alteration works often went viral on social media. The Odisha boy does not charge people for his editing, although he said many people offered him money in return of his works, “Many people have offered me money and gifts in return, but I gracefully refused. I did so because photoshopping is not my profession, it’s just my hobby.”  Krishna’s twitter profile has over 342000 followers. The artist keeps himself anonymous despite being so popular for his skills.

Written by Swati Suvra

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