Tarek Fateh Exposed Javed Akhtar’s Hypocrisy ‘Like A Boss’ On Twitter

Bollywood lyricist and writer Javed Akhtar once again created a stir on social media and has grabbed headlines, after he recently lashed out on a Pakistani-Canadian journalist and author Tarak Fateh, who shared a video condemning a Muslim guy for his shameful act on Twitter.

Well, Tarek Fateh recently took to his social media and shared a video of a Muslim guy sprinkling his urine on fruits amidst the Coronavirus outbreak. However, seems like Tarek Fateh condemning the Muslim guy didn’t go down well with Javed Akhtar, who took to his twitter and slammed the journalist by calling him a ‘spokesperson of VHP. He wrote:

“There was time when I had admired Tarik Fateh his fearless writings n speeches against the idea of Khilafat n Umma n Against the terrorists like ISIS Talibans .sadly with time he has become his own caricature . Today has reduced himself into a spokesperson of VHP .what a pity”

Here, check out the tweet of Javed Akhtar:

Well, Tarek Fateh was in no mood to take this. He was quick to take notice of the tweet and called out on him for his hypocrisy. In his Tweet, he wrote how most of the Urdu speaking Muslims, who pretend to be seculars are now turning into a Hindu-hating Islamist. He wrote:

Dear @JavedAkhtarJadusahib, you just proved that below the skin of most secular Urdu-speaking Muslims lives a Hindu-hating Islamist. Jinnah turned Jihadi as did Iqbal of “Saarey jahan” fame. Now yr name too will be added to the Hindu-Hating Hall of Fame. Mubarik Ho comrade!”

Here, check out the tweet:

But this didn’t stop there. Javed Akhtar once again tried to bring Tarek down with his tweet. Taking a sarcastic jibe at Tarek, Javed Akhtar questioned Tarak how he managed to live in Saudi Arabia for eight years. He wrote:

“I wonder how a man of such strong opinions like you managed to live in Saudi Arabia for eight years . Obviously You must have followed the guide lines given by the rulers of that ultimate regressive state . Didn’t it disturb your conscience?”

Here, check out the tweet of Javed Akhtar:

However, Tarek Fateh had the last laugh as he hit the last nail in the coffin with his savage response. He asked Javed Akhtar a few questions, revealing his hypocrisy in front of the world. He wrote:

You wouldn’t know what a prison cell looks lfrom the inside @Javedakhtarjadu. Getting into the Rajya Sabha and using Urdu to weave ’jalebis’ for your masters is what you do best. Where was your majesty when your Pakistani Army conducted genocide in Bangladesh? Not even Lafaazi?”

Here, check out the reply of Tarek Fatah:


Written by Unnati Madan

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