Actresses Aanchal Sharma Is Exposing Creeps On Instagram In A Very Bold Way

Actress Aanchal Agarwal is one of those women who don’t believe in ignoring the filth that comes their way on social media. In India and everywhere else in the world, women face a lot of abuse and lecturing on how they should act and how they shouldn’t.

Also, there are truckloads of creeps who keep sending them perverted messages on their social media accounts. Recently, we came across Aanchal Agarwal’s Instagram account and we must say that she is really “naming and shaming” the perverts who send her disrespectful and perverted messages.

Over the years, we have seen creeps and moral police officers use social media platforms to spread their nonsense. And, when the stars, especially actresses and models ignore their creepy messages, they find more reasons to keep doing it.

This is why it is said that sometimes it is important to ‘name and shame’ such people to send a strong message that such comments can really backfire and if needed, complaints can also be lodged against such perverts.

Check out some of the replies given by Aanchal Sharma to creeps on her Instagram profile.


And here’s another post:

Earlier, a user had asked her to send her picture in a bra, and this is how Aanchal Agarwal replied:

More power to you, Aanchal Agarwal.

Written by Vaibhav Sharma

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