A Fan Told SRK That He Is Tired Of Guessing His Next Film And Got An Instant Reply From King Khan

There is no doubt that all the celebs have got closer to the fans more than ever, thanks to the lockdown. Every now and then, we see our favorite Bollywood stars posting on Twitter and Instagram and keeping us updated about their lives post the lockdown. They even go on Instagram LIVE or use those funky features where they can engage in Q&A with the followers. They also make unique hashtags and ask their social media family to come up with quirky questions to interact.

Our megastar and a global icon, Shah Rukh Khan, went to his Twitter account with the hashtag #asksrk to interact with the fans.

His sarcasm and comic ways to reply to a question are not unknown to us. Sometimes it really entertains and at times it has really proved to go against his stardom. Well that being said, Khan started the session by Tweeting, Ok it’s a good idea. Let’s do #AskSRK but not too long please because I have to go and do….nothing…for a bit before I do some more of it later. Let’s begin…please use the hashtag.”

Here is the Tweet:

Soon as expected, his twitter was flooded with questions. As the banter went, it was sometimes funny and sometimes some serious ones. One such fan asked him when will he announce his next film. Apparently, he has been guessing his next movie by one of the recent videos he had posted. the fan replied to his tweet, “When will u announce ur next …Tired of rumours…and Analyzing ur next by looking at ur looks in video n guessing the film u r doing #asksrk”

To this SRK replied, “Don’t tire yourself. It’s obvious I will do some films…it’s obvious they will be made..and it’s obvious you all will know.”

Here is the Tweet:

Perhaps he was talking about the video, where SRK is seen wearing a cap to keep his new hairdo under covers. This was posted in regards to Janta Curfew. Take a look:

He finally ended the #askSRK session by tweeting, Thank you all for #AskSRK Need to get back to doing nothing. Please stay at home. Physical distancing. Hygiene. And respect all who r doing amazing work on ground. Just Love a lot more and do nothing…because ‘Jo kuch nahi karte woh kamaal karte hain..”

Here is the Tweet:

We can only hope with the rising numbers of COVID-19 cases in India, let us just hope his fans take his message seriously.

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