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Yuzvendra Chahal Joins Anushka Sharma In Trolling Virat Kohli

A nation that is defined by its love for cricket, has stumbled upon a roadblock of the novel coronavirus and has zero clarity about the offing of the game. With Indian Premier League postponed indefinitely, the fans are eagerly looking forward to this virus to be tamed so that their favourite cricketers can take the field.

However, with the exorbitant amount of love and adulation that the Indian cricketers receive from their ardent votaries, in the current situation of this moribund pandemic that has imposed a nationwide lockdown, in an attempt to reciprocate the love, a few cricketers have taken to the social media to cheer up the fans.

Let’s keep everyone aside for a moment and focus on the Indian skipper, Virat Kohli. After the enraging storm that engulfed Gautam Gambhir and Virender Sehwag, Anushka Sharma’s social media handle induced the much-needed placebo effect for the fans.

In the Instagram handle of Anushka Sharma, it was seen that she was urging Virat to hit a boundary in the tone of that irascible and impatient fan who is expecting a boundary every ball and thinks himself to be the cricketing virtuoso that India should have fielded in every single match.

However, Kohli very calmly declined the reaction from the fan like he is known to do in the field when the comment from the fan seems extraneous to him. When asked that why did Anushka choose to be the boorish spectator, she replied that something which the Indian run-machine misses the most is the collective reaction of the concourse. Hence, she tried to give him that expression that always ends up in riling him.

After all this dramatic scenario, came down the pike like a theatrical turnaround by a tail-ender, Yuzvendra Chahal’s presumptuous and humorous request. His brave request to the Bollywood celebrity was, “Next time bhabhi please say Chahal ok opening Kara na Chahal ko I wish aapki sun le”. This when translated stands like that please ask brother Kohli to let me open the innings with my bat. We are all aware of the fact that how abysmal Chahal is with the bat but then again, it is highly important that in these hot waters, the fans stay thrilled until that last extent.

Written by Rohit Ganguly

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