Television Actress Saundarya Sharma Turned Her T-Shirt Into A Reusable Mask In A Creative Way

The Coronavirus pandemic has been claiming lives all over the world. Doctors, nurses, police officers, and others in essential services have been working tirelessly for us. As the numbers are constantly increasing, many parts around the world are currently under the lockdown.

The basic essentials to fight with the disease like sanitizers, masks, gloves are running out of stock. Therefore, in order to meet the needs, the Ministry of Health has urged everyone to use reusable masks at home. Many celebrities out there decided to join in and promote the idea.

Celebrities from all walks of life are taking to their social media and are showing their fans how to make reusable masks at home using clothes and old t-shirts.

Recently, television actress Soundarya Sharma, who is currently spending her time under quarantine in Los Angeles, also joined the bandwagon and decided to make reusable masks at home. She took to her social media and shared a video of herself where she taught everyone how to make a reusable mask.

In the video, she can be seen using an old t-shirt for the purpose and told everyone:

As we as a whole know that the whole world is confronting deficiency of veils. I haven’t had the option to get one. Consequently, the idea of making my own veil rung a bell and after a couple of endeavors, I had the option to make one. It’s my work out T-shirt which I cut into two,”

Sharing the video, Saundarya wrote:

On world Health day, let’s do our bit, Make your Own Mask in a minute!
Hey everyone, Hope you all are doing well and safe!
N95 Masks should be reserved for health-care workers or those who are already sick, So Prepare your own mask at home in three simple steps! #StaySafe @bombaytimes”

Here, check out the video:

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Written by Unnati Madan

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