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Ayushmann Wrote An Emotional Poem On Corona, Gave This Special Message To The People

The lockdown has witnessed a lot of shifts. In every way. We finally have a realization of what happens when we take our planet for granted. Or if we challenge nature. We can never beat it. A microorganism like a coronavirus shook the very foundation of mankind. We have been trying our best to fight it but we are scared. We are scared to follow our daily routines. We have shut ourselves inside our homes in fear of getting the flu. We have started to find the shut down as the new normal.

In the midst of this, we have seen our favorite celebs taking up different household chores each day to learn new things or keeping themselves occupied while quarantined. Whatever it is, they have surely captured our attention and stayed trending on social media.

Ayushmann Khurrana has definitely stole the show with his unique way to survive the lockdown!

It has been a few days that we have seen how he has posted poems talking about different shades of our morale. Little life notes in the form of poems have surely impressed his fans. Let us take a look at one of the poems that he posted on Instagram. It was about how books can be your best companion and that they will never leave you no matter what. Here it is:

Earlier to this he went to his apartment’s balcony and recorded another video where he recited a short note.

Clearly, he is talking to the Almighty showing the huge wealth around him that we have in excess. His words are refreshing and straight out of his heart.

The recent post, where he posted yet another video, simply went viral for its hard-hitting truths which were beautifully spoken by this talented actor. He said:

Woh saamne waali building kuch din pehle seal ho gayi.
Aur tab se aas pados ke logon ki zindagi thodi tabdeel ho gayi.
Ussi building ke neeche waali dukaan se toh ghar ka samaan aata tha.
Woh bimaari ke baare mein pehle bata deta toh kya jaata tha.
Aaj hum dare hue hain.
Jeevit hain par mare hue hain.
Aaj lagta hai kaash kar dein sab kuch theek is duniya ko karke rewind.
But believe me this is nothing but the collective karma of mankind.
Salaam hai usko jo sadkein saaf karta hai, kachra le kar jaata hai, ghar ka saamaan le kar aata hai. Aur phir apne ghar jaata hai.
Par humne unko kabhi izzat dee hee nahi. Hum paise waale hain. Humare baap ka kya jaata hai.

Aur woh bechaara darta hai ki coronavirus uske parivaar ko na ho jaaye.
Woh apne chote bachche ko choo nahi paata hai.
Yeh ameer gareeb ka insaaniyat se pare ka naata hai.
Is desh ko gareeb hee chalata tha. Gareeb hee chalayega.
Humein is samay bhi sab suvidhaaen gareeb hee dilaayega.

Ab jab sab theek ho jaayega toh in logon ko izzat dena.
Koi kaam chota nahi hota yeh baat apne palle baandh lena.
Aaj doctor nurses, police, humaare security gaurd hain sabse zyaada kaam ke
Hum sab Bollywood hero hain bas naam ke
Hum bas paise de sakte hain. Hathiyaar de sakte hain.

Ladhna unko hai. Unhi ko sab kuch sehna hai.
Humko toh sirf ghar pe rehna hai.
Humko toh sirf ghar pe rehna hai.

Let us hear him say these words:

Woh saamne waali building kuch din pehle seal ho gayi.Aur tab se aas pados ke logon ki zindagi thodi tabdeel ho…

Gepostet von Ayushmann Khurrana am Freitag, 10. April 2020

Go ahead and show some love to this super humble man who inspires us to believe in simplicities of life every day.

What do you think about his poems?

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