Remember Devi Prasad’s Granddaughter ‘Rinku’ From Hera Pheri, This Is How She Looks Now

When it comes to comedy movies, ‘Hera Pheri’ is one of the most loved movies of all time. This movie, that stars Paresh Rawal, Akshay Kumar and Suniel Shetty in lead roles have a separate and massive fan following. Recently, as the movie completed 20 years, social media was filled with appreciation posts about the movie.

Yes, the movie has completed 20 years but no matter how many times we have seen this movie, it still never fails to leave us in splits. From the epic comedy timings of the actors to hilarious dialogues, ‘Hera Pheri’ still remains to be everyone’s favorite movie for many reasons.

Amidst many amazing characters, there was this character of the granddaughter of ‘Devi Prasad’ — Rinku, who gets kidnapped by the villain of the movie ‘Gulshan Grover’.

Well, the character of Rinku was played by Ann Alexia Anra, also known as Annie. Agree or not, but her cuteness made everyone fall in love with her. As it has been 20 years to the movie, the child actress has now grown up to be an extremely beautiful lady.

Her ‘then and now’ pictures have surfaced on social media and are now going viral. Everyone is drooling over her gorgeous looks and sizzling hot body.

As per her Instagram profile, she is an entrepreneur, ex-actor and environmental consultant. Though Annie is now away from all the limelight of Bollywood, she has been raising the temperature on social media, where she has over 16k followers on Instagram.

Here, in this article, we bring you some of the hottest pictures of Annie, have a look:

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So. Have any of you wondered what happens to the milk after cow and before carton? I was shocked to find out.. and very upset with myself that I "care" enough to try and give up dairy but clearly not enough to be better educated about this. In reality , if you just take 5 mins to think about it you'll have the answer. I'll tell you in the next picture. Till then , feel free to Google away. And yes. Unrelated picture to get you guys to talk to me(also couldn't look for a cow picture)😅😅 found new pictures from old shoot because I am a lazy social media girl! #staytuned #fannysays #dairy #processing #awareness #news #conversations #throwback #pool #chilling

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The watercolour that most resonated with me as a child was his painting of God. She wore a black dress with her hair tied up. She seemed to be laughing at all the humour in the world, and was simultaneously smiling it away. Her head was tilted away, as though to get out of the way of me trying to read her expressions. She was beautiful, as God is, and appeared to be larger than the whole world. Her smile revealed crooked teeth. “Those are where the entirety of the earth’s mountains and valleys are,” my father would say. Her eyes were black beads. “Those are universes far away,” he would add. And her body revealed an untold strength. “Which you need,” he would always tell me, “To deal with the heartache of this world.” Lovingly stolen from #NarenWeiss short story "God is Dead", Jan 2017. Read it here Shot at @blugrassshoots by @junshoots Makeup by @makeupphysics

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Written by Unnati Madan

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