Nagpur Police Came Up With Up A Very Innovative Way To Spread Awareness


Since the pandemic has put the entire nation under a lockdown, everyone from common citizens, police department officials, and government officials, prominent people from different industries have been observing it with much seriousness.

There have been videos making rounds where police have caught people on the road who did not follow the lockdown. All around the country people have been working from home. While that is going on, people have got really creative in spreading awareness. Our favorite celebs have also stepped forward in their innovative ways.

On Sunday, March 5 even the Nagpur Police posted awareness in the form of a meme on their Twitter handle to spread the message of social distancing.

We all know the famous dialogue “Don’t underestimate the power of a common man” by Shahrukh Khan from his  Deepika Padukone’s movie Chennai Express. Nagpur Police got all quirky and used the same dialogue to express their concern and the necessity of social distancing. They replaced ‘common man’ with ‘social distancing’ in the dialogue.


Here is the meme tweet:

Some days ago, spotted in Chennai, the police wore a coronavirus mockup helmet while patrolling. Funny it might have seemed but the message was clear. Take a look:

Yesterday on March 6, Amitabh Bachchan with some actors across all industries released an interesting video about the importance of social distancing. This dropped across all Sony Network channels at 9 pm.

Nevertheless, the police try there are always people who are rule-breakers and do not care for the world. They clearly fail to understand that unless it is essential going out is not an option, and social distancing is the need of the hour. Are you one of them?