Ashoke Pandit Slammed Sonam Kapoor’s Anti-Modi Gang Of Bollywood On Twitter


As per PM Narendra Modi’s appeal, we were told to light a candle or a lamp in solidarity of the countrymen. It was an act of affirmation to stand together while we fight the virus together. This act was held on April 5, 9 pm for 9 minutes. However, as expected, there were people who did not hesitate to take it a notch higher. Several cities witnessed the baseless and loud gesture of bursting firecrackers. The so-called “bhakts” were, of course, the people behind this obnoxious behavior.

A lot of celebs across different industries and prominent people in the media went to their social media handles and expressed their displeasure.

From poet, Kumar Vishwas to actors like Taapsee Pannu, Divya Dutta was to name a few. But one such post by Sonam Kapoor Ahuja caught the attention of filmmaker and social activist, Ashoke Pandit.

Initially, Sonam had tweeted that we were told to light up candles and not burst firecrackers. She expressed her concern that the dogs around the areas are getting scared and that she is confused about why people are celebrating like its Diwali.


Here is the tweet:

To which Ashoke Pandit reacted and said that whatever the occasion calls for we should celebrate to show togetherness. At least it is for a genuine cause and that people are not spreading the virus-like those at Tablighi Jamaat. He wished for Sonam to condemn such a terrorist act instead of expressing detest upon bursting firecrackers.

Here is what he replied to Sonam’s tweet:

Sonam Kapoor took matters in her hands and shot right back at him. She tweeted:

As per what PM Modi had appealed Sonam was right. What do you think?

Here is a video of the appeal:

It is always a good idea to show a strong sense of bond in such difficult times. But there is always a thin line between when and how it should be done. Hoping that people really understand the importance of social distancing so that such acts are not repeated in days to come.