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Anjana Om Kashyap Gave A Fitting Reply To Those Who Shared Fake News About Grid Collapse

Yesterday night at 9 PM, the entire nation followed the instructions sent out by the Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi. As per the appeal of the Prime Minister, the citizens turned off all the lights of their respective houses. They then came out in their balconies with candlelights and stayed out for 9 minutes.

A few citizens did not follow the guidelines, citing that turning off all lights at one time will affect the electrical grids. There was a chance that the electrical grids would get affected because a majority of the power supply was not used because of the vigil.

Fortunately, there was no such incident like that last night as the claims of the opposition members proved absolutely wrong. Aaj Tak’s Executive Editor, Anjana Om Kashyap, sent out a tweet about the same this morning. Her tweet has gone viral on the internet, receiving over 75,000 likes inside 12 hours. Nearly 12,000 Twitter users have also retweeted her tweet.

Here’s a look at what Anjana wrote:

The Executive Editor of India’s leading news channel sent out a message to the citizens in Hindi. Her tweet translates as follows:

“No grid has failed. Some brain grids have a short circuit. The candle brigade has seen symptoms of allergy to candles. It was only now that the lighted eyes started to show a fault. The neighbors did not even listen to them!”

She wrote in a sarcastic tone that no grid failed but some brain grids have a short circuit. While standing with the candles last night, some developed symptoms of an allergy while a few citizens’ lighted eyes started malfunctioning. She even noted that surprisingly even their neighbors did not listen to them.
Thus, in this way, Kashyap sent out a tweet which slammed the ones who opposed the decision of India’s Prime Minister.
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Written by Vinay Chhabria

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