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Twitterati React After China Sent Masks Made Of Underwear Instead Of N-95 Masks

In a classic incident of “Et Tu Brute’, Pakistan got conned at the hands of their ally China as they were sent N-95 masks made out of underwear.

China promised to send top-notch medical gear to Pakistan in order to combat Covid-19. However, when the aid arrived, Pakistan found out that they were basically duped with stuff that ain’t even close to poor, but downright degrading.

Now to make this an even funnier incident, the Pakistani reporter who was shouldered with the onus of divulging this entire incident, ended up citing, “China ne choona laga diya” which when translated sounds like even ‘China conned us’.

Now when a fiasco happens, it happens on a wide-scale throughout the nation as Pakistan successfully consigned those same masks to the hospitals without even bothering to check the contents. The doctors for sure must have thought, “Surprise, fellas!!!”

Retired major, Gaurav Arya also spotted this incident to the entire world through this tweet.

This entire incident transpired after China urged Pakistan to open their gates for supplying medical aid. In a letter to the ministry of Foreign affairs, it quoted, “The governor of Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region of China would like to donate a batch of medical materials to Gilgit-Baltistan”.

The contents of the letter were also summed up in that letter and the numbers read 2,00,000 ordinary face masks, 2000 N-95 face masks, 5 ventilators, 2000 testing kits and 2000 medical protective clothes donned on by doctors and paramedics to battle this vicious virus.

With the number of cases ranging to 2686, the Pakistani army had egged the citizens to stay indoors. This is the second time where China was caught napping in terms of international consignments. Earlier this month Spain had suffered a similar fate when testing kits sent by China failed to work.

Despite China’s alarming decrease in numbers where the nation-states that it has successfully won over the virus, another record states that almost at one hit, China lost millions of phone subscribers and the answer to that is still blowing in the wind.

Here is how Twitter reacted:



Written by Vaibhav Sharma

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