Anand Mahindra Has Once Again Proved That He Is One Of The Best Business Leaders In India


The Coronavirus pandemic has taken over the world as all the people are locked down inside their houses. Except for essential commodities, all the stores are closed while even the banking sector is working in a very limited manner. In India, the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi has announced a 21-day lockdown which will end on 14th April.

With the lockdown period coming to an end soon, the Chairman of Mahindra Group, Anand Mahindra has written a letter to his employees. One of the most significant businessmen of the country, Mahindra, urged his employees to prepare for the world after Corona goes away.

He expressed how environmental conditions have improved because of this pandemic. Mahindra pointed out that he has never seen Mumbai such clean and the sky so clearly in the city. The roads are no longer dirty while the air quality index has also improved. He wrote in his letter:

“By locking ourselves in the house, we have come to know how we were putting an unnecessary burden on the environment. I have never seen Mumbai so beautiful, as it is seen during the bandh … The sky is blue, the air is clear, there is no dirt on the roads.”

Mahindra further asked if we need a problematic situation like this one to understand the value of nature. He continued:


“Do we need this kind of crisis to learn all this?” Can we not live like this even after the crisis is over? Can we not use the environment in a better way? Can we not reduce carbon emissions by traveling less? Can we not follow the method of meeting and dialogue from far away to work better and to balance work and life? Most important, can’t we recreate the personal and professional attitude of living life.”

Thus, in this way, he gave a lesson to his employees on how they should improve their lives once this pandemic ends.