Zareen Khan Slammed Hina Khan For Calling South Indian Actresses ‘Fat’

Hina Khan is a household name in India. From donning the role of a ‘sanskaari bahu’ to a ‘mastermind vamp’, she has been ruling everyone’s hearts on television screens for so many years. However, her stint in the Bigg Boss house is still considered one of the best.

Hina Khan became the favorite contestant of everyone. Although she couldn’t win the trophy, but Hina Khan stole the hearts of many. However, Hina Khan was involved in many controversies. And as we are talking about controversies, there was one controversy that led to many popular celebrities slamming Hina Khan for her remarks.

Well, what happened was during one of the episodes, Hina Khan confessed that she was offered a big role in the South industry but she refused the offer as she was asked to put on some extra weight. Hina Khan also went on to claim that South movie actresses are “bulgy’, that she never wants to become. She had said:

“I had also received two offers, which demanded me to put on weight. Both the films were made by big banners,”

Soon social media was flooded with tweets and posts slamming the actress for her remarks. Even many South Indian actresses came ahead and slammed Hina Khan.

Bollywood actress Zareen Khan also stepped forward and put her thoughts towards the remarks. In an interview, Zareen had said:

“I really don’t know what to tell Hina Khan. She didn’t accept a role because she was asked to put on weight…but it’s surprising because she is an actor. Somehow, I find Hina Khan fake. there are many big names in the industry like Vidya Balan and Randeep Hooda who transformed their body according to the demand of their respective roles”

She added:

if Hina wanted to restrict herself in terms of her looks, it was totally her choice. But the actress is pretty much confident that Hina wouldn’t have said no to the role if she had been offered a project opposite a big actor or a director. 

Hansika Motwani, popular Bollywood, and South Indian actress took to her Twitter and slammed Hina Khan for demeaning the South Industry. She wrote:

What is this suppose to even mean?How can she even degrade south industry like this ? #shamehinakhan

Here, check out the tweet:

Later, Kriti Kharbanda, who is also a big name in South Industry slammed the actress and expressed her desire to slap Hina. She had said:

” I had great respect for Hina Khan before that. She is a very big name on television. That is not how you talk about people. You can look at me, I have been an actress down south (and I am not bulgy). There is no need to (say such things on national television). It’s rather unfortunate that an actor is talking like that, and an actor of that caliber, that too. What do you mean ‘bulging, bulging’ do thappad khayegi udhar hi (I will slap her then and there),

Written by Unnati Madan

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